Black Gregg – Introduction


The bleak days began when corporate greed dangled politicians on strings, like puppets. Black votes were made null and void by the citizens united tactics, gerrymandering and the suppressive voting laws imposed in the south.

When the election results in the United States were counted, the republicans won their presidential nominee, took control of the senate and the house of representatives.

Having the authority to abuse their power, they started dismantling government oversight. Passing laws to increase the wealth of the rich by privatization, while destroying the middle and lower classes (the so-called forty-seven percent takers).

The republican’s agenda was first to appeal Obama care, medicaid, and medicare. Then they would put an end to all social security benefits, food stamp programs and public schools. Next, was the elimination of minimum wage, unions and unemployment. Within the year, after these laws passed… sick veterans, the elderly and blacks were evicted from their homes and began living on the streets, all across America.

The homeless were going to be saved by one of their own, but there were some who didn’t believe. “we had a black president and he didn’t do a thing for us. So, how’d the hell are a bunch a black bums, like us, with no money, no education and no guns, gonna bring down this empire.”

…little did they know, their cries were heard. Just like in the days of old, Black Gregg from the ghetto was about to fulfill his destiny.