Black Gregg – Introduction


The bleak days began when corporate greed dangled politicians on strings, like puppets. Black votes were made null and void by the citizens united tactics, gerrymandering and the suppressive voting laws imposed in the south.

When the election results in the United States were counted, the republicans won their presidential nominee, took control of the senate and the house of representatives.

Having the authority to abuse their power, they started dismantling government oversight. Passing laws to increase the wealth of the rich by privatization, while destroying the middle and lower classes (the so-called forty-seven percent takers).

The republican’s agenda was first to appeal Obama care, medicaid, and medicare. Then they would put an end to all social security benefits, food stamp programs and public schools. Next, was the elimination of minimum wage, unions and unemployment. Within the year, after these laws passed… sick veterans, the elderly and blacks were evicted from their homes and began living on the streets, all across America.

The homeless were going to be saved by one of their own, but there were some who didn’t believe. “we had a black president and he didn’t do a thing for us. So, how’d the hell are a bunch a black bums, like us, with no money, no education and no guns, gonna bring down this empire.”

…little did they know, their cries were heard. Just like in the days of old, Black Gregg from the ghetto was about to fulfill his destiny. 

Black Gregg – Chapter 1

Black Gregg the veteran Meets
The rich white brothers
(based on Lazarus and the rich man)
St. Luke chapter 16.19-31

Black Gregg from the ghetto served in the army as a tank gunner. He has scars and sores from head to toe, fighting in tank battles overseas. He’s just fine with his life traveling around in rail cars surviving as a vagabond, but today when the train stops his destiny will start to be fulfilled.

The train stops, Black Gregg jumps off looking for food. Walking through woods until coming to an opening. There’s a mansion in the distance. ”wooo’oo, that’s the biggest crib i’ve ever seen. I’m gonna walk over to the gate an’ chill out for a while.” Pausing at the ten foot gates, amazed at the massive red brick walls. “there’s an engraving of someone’s name. The coch brothers.” Peering through the gates, “man, who ever up in that pad, got some loot. I’m gonna lay myself right ‘chere, take a nap an’ when them rich mugs come out…, i’m gonna ask them for some food to eat.”

Black Gregg falls asleep at the gate. In his dream, a sewing needle sticks him in the thigh. He tosses it. The needle flies fifty feet away with the eye sticking straight up out of the ground. A camel appears in the distance heading his way. As it approaches the needle it reduces in size enabling it to walk right through the eye with ease and out the other side. Then expanding back to normal size while the camel is walking away. As if from a distance, a disembodied voice speaks. Mathew 19:24 “it is easier for a camel to walk through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven.”  Continue reading

Black Gregg – Chapter 2

Black Gregg from the ghetto Meets
The orange man at his house
(The parable of the rich fool)
Luke 16:16-21

After being neutralized by Brohamm, Black Gregg is healed, his scars and sores gone. He’s then delivered back to earth to complete his missions, his only memory is that he is a vagabond from Chicago. The train squeals to a stop, startling Black Gregg awake. Bleary eyed, he opens the cabin doors, noticing it is dusk, he realizes. “Man, I must have slept all day.” He jumps out onto the gravel. “I’m hungrier than a mug”. Looking down the tracks, he spots a town about three miles away.  Arriving in town, he looks around until finding a house in need of yard work.

Black Gregg strides up to the small picket fence, opens the gate into the front yard. “What type of crib is this? It’s painted red, black and green. That’s the colors for the African American flag. Looks like a black sorority or fraternity house.” Black Gregg goes up the steps, onto their huge porch. “i hope this is a black frat house. I know those brothers gonna give me some work.” He rings the bell. An orange man opens the door with a cigar in one hand, a drink in the other. Black Gregg asks him “what’s up homey? This a bad ass crib you got. Black folks stay here? Wait a min, you ain’t no homey you an orange white guy? What the hell!”

The orange man replies “you were supposed to be here days ago, look at my yard! You know where the tools are, get to work boy!” Slams the door in Black Greggs face. “Hmm, guess i got the job.” Walking to the garage he utters under his breath. “I’m about to make them dollar bills, yawl.”

He grabs some clippers and a few other tools, trimming the bushes around the frat house, he hears men cheering. “Yea! Way to go! Kill him! Kill him!” Black Gregg moves closer to a bay window then peeks in “what the…?” He sees a bunch of white men playing video games. They’re all laughing, as they score points for beating down a black guy with Billy clubs on the tv. Black Gregg notices some video games on a table. “The Ronny King beat down, shoot a black teenager with his hands up.  On the far wall hangs an elegant painting of president Obama.  A few darts are sticking in his nose and there are a bunch of holes all over it from previous throws. He notices a spread of soul food on a buffet table “hot damn, that’s what I’m talking about!”

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Can’t Stand Still

by Gregory Dearell Walton

Hovering over Lake Michigan early 70’s                                       GOING WEST FLYING RIGHT BY THE SEARS TOWER SEEING THE BEAUTIFUL CHICAGO SKYLINE.

Downtown Chicago, Michigan Avenue. Jody Watley and Jeffery Daniels getting off the CTA. They heading to the Chicago Board of World Trade Center.


Don Cornelius and his crew are setting up for today’s program.
Stopping at the Old Chicago Stadium where the Bulls play.

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