Black Gregg – Chapter 1

Black Gregg the veteran Meets
The rich white brothers
(based on Lazarus and the rich man)
St. Luke chapter 16.19-31

Black Gregg from the ghetto served in the army as a tank gunner. He has scars and sores from head to toe, fighting in tank battles overseas. He’s just fine with his life traveling around in rail cars surviving as a vagabond, but today when the train stops his destiny will start to be fulfilled.

The train stops, Black Gregg jumps off looking for food. Walking through woods until coming to an opening. There’s a mansion in the distance. ”wooo’oo, that’s the biggest crib i’ve ever seen. I’m gonna walk over to the gate an’ chill out for a while.” Pausing at the ten foot gates, amazed at the massive red brick walls. “there’s an engraving of someone’s name. The coch brothers.” Peering through the gates, “man, who ever up in that pad, got some loot. I’m gonna lay myself right ‘chere, take a nap an’ when them rich mugs come out…, i’m gonna ask them for some food to eat.”

Black Gregg falls asleep at the gate. In his dream, a sewing needle sticks him in the thigh. He tosses it. The needle flies fifty feet away with the eye sticking straight up out of the ground. A camel appears in the distance heading his way. As it approaches the needle it reduces in size enabling it to walk right through the eye with ease and out the other side. Then expanding back to normal size while the camel is walking away. As if from a distance, a disembodied voice speaks. Mathew 19:24 “it is easier for a camel to walk through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven.” 

Black Gregg gets kicked, then suddenly wakes up out of his dream. “get up, you can’t sleep here you disease carrying black bum.” Black Gregg sits up to see two white men in expensive suits. “hey bro, can you help a brother out with some water or some grub?” “we’re not your brother, ‘we’re brothers. Get a job or food elsewhere.” “i can’t get no job. I’m all mess up from the wars protecting your white asses”

“America gives poor people only one job these days. Join the service, then come back in body bags. You rich bastards make money from the arms and oil deals. That’s why you keep these endless wars going in iran, syria and Afghanistan.

“rich America don’t give a damn about veterans. We put our lives on the line for whites, blacks, rich and poor. Then we come back to a country that says they love us. That’s a bunch of bullshit! Give me some food and water!” Black Gregg demands.

A chauffeured driven limousine pulls up. The rich white brothers step over Black Gregg. “get out of here, you black bum, before we call the police.” You know the white cops kill black people and we don’t want another dead negro in our driveway.” They open the limo doors, while laughing at Black Gregg. The limousine pulls away.

“i ain’t goin’ no where.” I fought for the freedom for all Americans in this country and i can go and be wherever i damn well please.”

The rich white brothers knew he would leave, eventually, like the rest of the black bums. They would always laugh at the bums, never giving them any food or water. A few days went by and Black Gregg became weak. He decided, he had to leave to find food and water elsewhere. Barely able to stand, he staggered along the red brick wall collapsed and dropped dead. At the same time, in the rich white mansion one of the brothers had expired as well.

All of a sudden the white man (now he has no money) saw Black Gregg on the other side of a great gulf fix “hey black bum (Black Gregg looks normal now) can you dip the tip of your finger in that water over there to cool my tongue.” Gregg reply’s. “okay, i’ll help you even if you didn’t give my any water when i was thirsty.” St. Luke 16:26 (a great gulf fix: “and beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fix: so that they which would pass from hence to you can not; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.”)
Gregg dips his finger in the water and started walking back to the great gulf fix.

A man starts walking up to Gregg and stops him. Let’s call this man Brohamm. Brohamm tells the white man. St. Luke 16:25 “son remember that thou in thy life time received thy good thing.” The white man doesn’t care what Brohamm is saying. “can i have that water now? My body feels like its on fire and i’m really thirsty.” Brohamm tells him “he can’t, because of the great golf fix.” The white man asked Brohamm “well can he tell my brother about this place and that he needs to change, so he doesn’t end up in the flames like me?” Luke 16:31 and he said unto him, “if they hear not Moses and the profits neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

Brohamm puts his arm around Gregg’s shoulders. They turn away from the great gulf fix. Let’s go, time is of the essence. Gregg looks around and sees family and friends. Plenty of food, water, animals and, trees. “wait, where am i?” Gregg asks Brohamm “it looks like nobody’ in a hurry around here. Wow, look at those mansions! Is that gold on the streets? Look at them gates. They’re over a hundred feet tall! Are they made of …” Brohamm interrupts “have you seen one of these before Gregg? Just look at this light. Hey it looks like that neutralizer thing in the movie men in blue, hey.” Poof, a blinding light flashes.